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Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgeries have become more common place in today's society. This is because people who have these types of surgeries are normally concerned about their appearance, and they can now take advantage of the latest technological advances in the medical community. Specifically, in cases where people begin to age, or they simply do not like the way their eyes, nose or other facial features look. So, for those who are thinking about this type of cosmetic surgery, here's 5 different types of cosmetic surgeries that many people are having today.

Brow Lift

Some parts of the face will show signs of aging much quicker than others. One of the most common areas is the brow region. To minimize these signs, people who want to change their appearance may visit their cosmetic surgeon to have a browlift. With this procedure, the surgeon’s job involves raising the eyebrows and improving the frown lines so that the person will look more youthful.

It is also important to not that there are different kinds of brow lifts that each cosmetic surgeon can perform. So, it is important for each individual to know the distinction between each. Fortunately, this type of cosmetic procedure does not take a lot of time in order to perform. Also, once the procedure is complete, the patient is required to return to the surgeon to have the clips and sutures removed. Typically, the time frame for the patient returning is approximately 5 days. When the clips and sutures have been removed from these areas, the person will experience a little swelling and bruising before the skin heals. After the healing process is complete, the person will have an opportunity to see the full effects of what was really done. In many cases, this cosmetic procedure will make the person look many years younger than before.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Some people may not have any problems with the way their brows look. However, they may have a difficult time looking at their eyelids and the way that they are formed. So, for those who want to address these issues by having an eyelid surgery, they will need to do their research in advance. In some situations, the eyelid surgery may be required due to an impairment instead of appearance only. Which means, if the person is having problems with their vision because of the aesthetics of their eyelids, they can speak with cosmetic surgeon about the appropriate procedures. Dependent up on the severity of the condition that they are experience, one of the first things that the surgeon will do is to remove excess skin from the area. On the other hand , if the person is having problems with a neuromuscular disorders that causes drooping eyelids, they can speak with a surgeon so that they will know what they can expect during this type of procedure and after the surgery as well.

Because this cosmetic procedure is minimally invasive and basic, the patient is not required to stay in the hospital overnight hospital. Therefore, once this surgery has been performed, their family or friends can pick them up from the cosmetic surgeon's office in order to escort them home.

Face Lift / Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Though there are many different types of cosmetic surgeries that can be done, the most common of all of the different types is the face lift. This procedure consists of numerous things that can be done to make the patient look much younger and to correct certain irregularities in their appearance. So, when this kind of procedure is performed, the patient can expect excessive skin and fat to be removed and some tightening of the muscle tissues in the face. The Cosmetic Plastic Surgeonwill also perform a procedure that includes redraping the skin around specific areas (i.e. on the face and the neck areas).

It is also important to note that there are different types of facelift procedures that can be performed, which includes the mini and SMAS facelifts. Typically, the individual can make their choice on what type of procedure will need to be done. These decisions are often based on the surgeon’s recommendation and the price that they are prepared to pay. Typically, the cost of a cosmetic surgery can range from $6,000 to $25,000 and up.

Rhinoplasty (Surgery of the Nose)

It’s not uncommon for some people to dislike the way that their noses are made. Or, an individual may have suffered and injury that resulted in a deformity in their noses. Regardless to the situation or circumstance, some people may visit their cosmetic surgeon for surgery of the nose. In some cases, these surgeries can also correct problems that people are experiencing with breathing. This said, the surgeon that works on the individual's nose will need to perform the kind of procedure that the person needs and wants. So, to meet the expectations of the patients, the Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Long Insland specialistshave devised several different types of procedures that will need to be performed. One of the most common is called closed rhinoplasty. This procedure is normally used to correct breathing problems. The cosmetic surgeon may also recommend a open rhinoplasty or a natural rhinoplasty to be done for various other reasons that an individual may be trying to correct.

Lip Augmentation

Some people are concerned about the way their lips are formed and they want another shape. Fortunately, there are different types of cosmetic procedures that can address these issues as well. The name of this type of surgical procedure is called lip augmentation, and it is available in several different types. Because some of these surgeries are considered to be safer than others, people will need to do their research prior to making a final decision. One common surgery that people normally go to their cosmetic surgeon’s for is fat grafting. In this cosmetic procedure, the surgeon will take fat from a different part of the body and then deposit into the person’s lips.

Because there are many different types of cosmetic procedures available today, it is important for everyone to secure the information that they need in order to make an informed decision. So, for those of you who want to know about a specific kind of cosmetic procedure, call Dr Schwartz today for a FREE Consultation Today!