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Brow Lift

A brow lift is sometimes referred to as a browlift, forehead lift or eyebrow lift. In this cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Schwartz repositions a low or sagging brow. Sometimes a brow sags so much that it actually hangs over the upper eyelids and can impair a person’s vision. This condition is hereditary and also can occur as part of aging.

The objective of the brow lift procedure is to lift the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position. In addition, a brow lift is geared towards improving the appearance of frown lines and vertical creases between the eyebrows.

Patients in the 5 boroughs and Long Island who are interested in the brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery procedure commonly opt to have other cosmetic procedures done at the same time. There are various cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that work well when done in conjunction with the brow lift procedure. Patients wishing to rejuvenate aging eyes may also elect to have eyelid surgery at the same time as the brow lift. Patients seeking to correct aging changes to the face and neck frequently opt for a face lift or neck lift to accompany the brow lift. Skin resurfacing techniques are also common in patients undergoing the brow lift cosmetic procedure.


The Brow Lift Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedure:


Endoscopic Brow Lift

Dr. Schwartz can perform brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery using an endoscope (surgical video device) or can perform a brow lift by pinpointing specific regions in the brow that need correcting. The brow lift that does not utilize the endoscope is known as the coronal brow lift or conventional brow lift.


Conventional Brow Lift (Coronal Brow Lift)

The coronal brow lift instead involves an incision from ear to ear, lifting the forehead and then removing excess skin from the scalp. A brow lift results in smoother forehead skin as well as a rejuvenated appearance. Prior to the conventional brow lift procedure, the patient’s hair is trimmed and tied back. Dr. Schwartz will choose the best possible area to make the incision so that it is least visible. The conventional brow lift plastic cosmetic surgery procedure consists of one long incision. The brow lift incision begins at one ear, cross the forehead region, and ends at the other ear. During the brow lift procedure, the forehead skin is lifted, excess tissue is removed, muscles are repositioned, and the eyebrows are lifted. It is at this time that any excess skin is trimmed. The incision is then stitched or clipped.


Brow Lift Recovery

A gauze bandage is applied and generally wrapped around the head. The bandages are usually removed two days after the brow lift procedure. Stitches and clips are usually removed within two weeks of the brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.


Is the Brow Lift Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedure Right for Me?

The majority of brow lift patients are between the ages of 40 and 70. The best candidates for brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery are people in good health who wish to find a solution to unwanted furrows and deep forehead lines. Sometimes younger people may make good candidates for a brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery procedure if they suffer from the effects of premature aging such as drooping eyebrows. Patients who have received hair transplants to treat baldness or a receding hairline may also opt for a brow lift to achieve better results.

Dr. Schwartz will be more than happy to discuss the cosmetic plastic surgery and non-surgical options that are best for each individual person.